Twin Cities Knowledge Maps

This spring and summer I had the pleasure of working with an interdisciplinary design team on a citywide mapping project. Sponsored by the U’s Design Institute, our knowledge map is titled Divining the Twin Cities: Physical Journeys, Spiritual Places, a “map of places and sites for personal renewal, spiritual transformation and respite from the world of consumption”. It was one of nine knowledge maps commissioned as part of the Twin Cities Design Celebration.
James Boyd-Brent, my MFA advisor and a professor of graphic design, and I were the illustrator and designer; we worked closely with Thomas Fisher, Dean of the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (CALA), and Virajita Singh, a CALA research fellow.
2007 update: Due to a redesign of the Design Institute web site, there are no longer small versions of the map online. But they are still offered for sale.
Also visit the National Public Radio web site for its coverage of the mapping project.