Re-Accrediting the Twin Cities Campus


This fall the Provost’s office and the deans of the Twin Cities campus have been involved in preparing for the re-accreditation of the Twin Cities campus by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. My part of the project has been to design a self-study assessment in both print and online formats.

The online component of the self-assessment is essentially a web site, albeit one that has been designed for a very specific audience of accreditation reviewers. The online component was completed in October, and we recently learned that the re-accreditation has been successful. In fact, re-accreditations such as this are typically successful but usually are granted conditionally, with specific recommendations that then need to be met to achieve full re-accreditation with no reservations. Because this re-accreditation of the Twin Cities campus was concluded with no recommendations from the reviewers, it is considered to be a highly successful effort for those of us who participated and prepared the various assessment data and reports.