Project Management

One of my areas of focus is project management, which is the process of making things happen by working with ideas, leading teams of people (and dealing with politics), organizing processes, and managing schedules and budgets. To better facilitate this in my own practice of design, I am currently doing two things:

  1. Starting to use Copper Project, a project management web application, and
  2. Reading The Art of Project Management (Scott Berkun)

I have just started reading the book but think it is great already. One nugget of wisdom that I particularly like is the idea that we need to try to keep things simple…but that simple does not always mean easy. And that the various aspects of project management (or management in general, I would guess) are tasks that any of us can and should do. But to do them all, and do them all well so that the overall project experience for everyone involved is pleasant and relatively trouble-free (that is, simple) is not easy.
I look forward to documenting my experience with this book and the Copper project management software. I am hopeful that they will both serve to help me do project management tasks better.