Printing & Design Award

Today I received some very pleasant news about a project that my class did last semester: a poster that we designed won first place in its category in a national competition. To quote the email I received from our printer:

Good news! We entered the “Dollar Redesign Poster” in the 2007 In-Print Competition, cosponsored by the national In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association (IPMA) and In-Plant Graphics magazine, and won Gold (First Place) in the poster category! More than 550 pieces were entered in the competition. Five judges scrutinized every piece, inspecting the quality, using loupes to check for poor registration and imperfections. We are thrilled to have won a printing award but I’m certain the interesting design of your poster captured the judges attention and contributed to our success. Thanks!

While I am proud to have facilitated this project and consulted on the design and pre-press processes for the poster, my congratulations go out to the 19 students in the class who did the fabulous dollar bill designs for this project—without these, we would not have had a poster to design! Also, my profound thanks to our printing consultant Joe Sobota, who provided us with excellent customer support, a generous 2 hour tour of his facilities, and the printing expertise that enabled the project to win this award.
Enlarged view of the poster.