Adobe Contribute: New Connection Conundrum

Since hosting some sites with a new central service, Contribute started acting strangely when I was trying to set up the sites for distributed content management. Each time I tried establishing a new connection in Contribute, I was given the message that I already had a connection to that site. How could this be?
After deleting all of Contribute’s site files and starting to set up all connections again from scratch, things went fine with the first site…and then I got the message yet again!
It was not until I looked closely at the web server > web addresses > alternate web addresses panel of Administration (click on image above to enlarge) that I spotted the problem. Contribute was pulling in other URLs from the previously-established connections into these new accounts. Why, I still have not figured out. But once I deleted these, there was no more conflict and Contribute started to play nice with new connections once again.


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