Hi Larry…Bye Larry

Last week, one of my readings* in Internet Law was by Lawrence Lessig, who I learned is a leading scholar in the area of cyberlaw and, especially, evolving copyright law as it pertains to cyberspace. As part of his groundbreaking work, he founded the Center for Internet and Society at the Stanford Law School.
But as befits the quickly changing landscape of the Internet, today a colleague of mine mentioned that Lessig just gave his last lecture on the topic; he is refocusing his work on government corruption.
Fortunately for me, even with him bowing out of the Internet law arena, I still have more than a lifetime’s worth of legal analyses to catch up on at the CIS website…not to mention at Lessig’s blog.
* – The Law of the Horse: What Cyberlaw Might Teach. 113 Harvard Law Review, Rev. 501 (1999).


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