New Media Research Network: YouTube

I’m part of the U’s New Media Research Network, and today’s research breakfast included an excellent presentation on YouTube by Julie Jones, PhD candidate. She characterized YouTube’s presence and success as comprising a “media metropolis”, a place that people visit much in the way that they visit a city like New York, where a large variety of activities, content types, and cultures are concentrated in one location and result in a vibrant community.
Yet, for all of its richness and size, YouTube is successful for three more simple reasons: it is easy to find, easy to share, and easy to participate in. Compare this to other sites or applications that are either not easy to find, share, or participate in, and their lack of popularity is not a surprise.
I look forward to keeping up with Jones as she continues her YouTube research, as it is in the category of “social media” that continues to interest me a great deal. And while I do not expect to design media that are as wildly successful as YouTube, I do want to model my project goals on similar criteria, as I believe they are the foundation for success in today’s Social Web.


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