Lunch with Ted Johnson of Microsoft Corp.

Because of my association with the College of Design, I’ve been invited to attend a lunch with Ted Johnson of Microsoft. He is currently a “graphics architect” on the Internet Explorer team; back in the 80s, he developed PageMaker. PageMaker is one of the things that brought me into design; Internet Explorer has come close to driving me away.
To quote the invite,

Ted’s job is to figure out what Microsoft should do in the area of web-standard graphics support for the next version of Internet Explorer.

He is particularly interested in exploring how design tools and/or browser capabilities constrain or otherwise impact web design solutions, and is looking forward to a discussion of the “future of graphics on the internet”.

As a web designer who spends an inordinate amount of time trying to get things to behave in Internet Explorer, such an invitation makes it tempting to bring a bag of rotten tomatoes to lunch. On the other hand, this is probably supposed to be civil, so if you have any suggestions or requests, please share them with me, as it appears that I cannot invite other people to join me.


One thought on “Lunch with Ted Johnson of Microsoft Corp.

  1. Very cool, Kris, and I think you will be a good representative. I would suggest they just swap IE for Firefox or Chrome. Maybe a joint development project on a new browser with Google?

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