Hi Tweetie!

Tonight I switched my iPhone Twitter client from Twitterrific to Tweetie.
I got to Tweetie circuitously via a friend who I follow on Twitter, @hammerikaner, because I noticed that he started using Tweetsville. I then searched for Tweetsville in iPhone apps, but after typing T-W-E-E-T, both Tweetsville and Tweetie showed up. Tweetie’s name was cuter, I read about it and was sold, and that was that. It’s functionality blows Twitterrific away.
(See screenshot above, showing the interface for accessing replies, messages, and more; Twitterrific only presents replies and messages inline, which is really annoying except for in realtime.)
So I must admit: choosing the right name can matter — normally, I malign the marketing function. But Tweetie’s developers and marketers both got it right this time.
And the Twitter-client wars continue.


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