Eric Meyer Discusses His Career, Past and Present

Please start from the beginning… with Eric Meyer from Ryan Taylor on Vimeo.

OK, I’m a fanboy — I’ll admit it. So partially to share, but mainly to archive, I’m embedding this video here for your viewing pleasure. Kind of like putting an autographed baseball up on your fireplace mantel. Yet in this case, it’s not exactly a trophy: I think this is a remarkably sincere and humble presentation by someone who has influenced tens of thousands of Web designers worldwide, myself included.
And frankly, watching this video does the same thing to you that seeing Eric in person does, or reading what he writes: besides the great information and insight, he makes you feel like you matter, and that in many ways you’re just like him. Which is an awesome feeling and no small thing, especially when much of the time many other people view Web professionals as the equivalent of restaurant busboys (and no offense to those fine people — I was a busboy!). But whereas many people see our job as simply carting content from one place to another, Eric teaches and reinforces the idea that we are truly craftspeople: we not only do the heavy lifting, but we also sculpt, plan, influence, manage, and do the technical research and quality-control that is necessary to make content come alive on the Web.
So sit back and enjoy, and share in Eric’s excitement of being part of the best invention of the 20th century. Truly, we’re only at the very beginning: the fun is just getting started.


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