The Web Designer’s Guide to iOS Apps

Web Designer's Guide to iOS AppsNow that I’m about one-fourth of my way into it, I have finally summoned enough courage to make a public announcement about an exciting project: I’m writing a book for New Riders!

The Web Designer’s Guide to iOS Apps will teach web designers how to use the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that they already know and love, and combine those skills with Objective-C frameworks to design native apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

The book has three primary goals:

  1. Make up for the generally light (and in many cases poor) documentation about the entire process of planning, designing, and distributing iOS apps,
  2. Provide functional sample code to readers so that they can achieve quick wins,
  3. Open up the world of native app design to web designers who can rightfully apply their interface and graphic design, user experience, and content strategy expertise to the realm of iOS apps.

My manuscript is scheduled to be done in October, and New Riders is planning for publication later this fall. Stay tuned for updates as I carve out more time to blog about this project; also, Peachpit and New Riders will announce the online release of the book’s “Rough Cut” for reader review and comment sometime later this summer.


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