New Job

I am very excited to announce that I have accepted a job offer from Capella Education Company. I will be their new Mobile Product Manager, responsible for leading the design and development of Capella Mobile — products and services for users of mobile internet technology including smart phones, tablets, and other handheld devices.

Capella Education Company is a national leader in online education and the parent company of Capella University, so this opportunity is enormously exciting. Without knowing it, I’ve spent the past two years gearing up for this job by being passionately interested in native and web app design. After hearing about this opportunity earlier this year, I became instantly curious. Now that it’s all official, I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity to work for an innovative tech company like Capella and focus exclusively on mobile design, experience, and strategy (and stay in the higher education space, too).

The past seven years at the University of Minnesota have been a dream job for me. I’ve learned so much about designing with web standards, managing relationships with a diverse range of fabulous clients, and figuring out how to help start and direct a monthly continuing education program for web staff (and then doing the same with our annual web conference), all while working with some incredibly gifted colleagues. I’m grateful for all of this and plan to stay in touch with these wonderful people, several of whom are some of my closest friends and most inspiring teachers.

Finally, thanks to the editorial staff of Peachpit and New Riders, who had the confidence in me to write a book about mobile design last year, and continues to support and nurture my growth in this area. I look forward to ongoing work with them as well.


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