Now hiring in Minneapolis: Public Interest Design Director

I’m a proud alumnus as well as a proud former employee of the University of Minnesota, and so I was really excited to read about this job announcement today. I’m particularly happy because “the U”, as we affectionately call it, has been a leader and supporter of public-facing, multidisciplinary design for years. The example closest to my heart, of course, is MinneWebCon, a conference I was a founder of in 2008 and an event that continues to focus on web accessibility, usability, and other creative and technical best practices. All in the name of making the World Wide Web better for the public good.

Because the web is inherently public-facing, I think this job could be a great fit for some of the amazing leaders out there in the web standards and online products areas. The best of these people have a knack (and patience!) for community and consensus building, essential skills in any design practice, and particularly necessary in design that interfaces with the public.

So if you think you’re one of these leaders and would also enjoy living in the fantastic community of Minneapolis-Saint Paul (and you know you do), please consider applying for this unique opportunity, or share with someone else who you think would be a great candidate.


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