1. The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.
  2. The words with which a book or other creative work is dedicated.

Today was an exciting day: my article Product Management for the Web was published in A List Apart no. 357. Being published in a peer-reviewed journal is a real honor. And, as I learned, it also requires some real dedication.

Let’s just say that the version you can read on ALA today was not what I originally submitted the first time. Nor the second time. But editor-in-chief Krista Stevens did an amazing job of explaining why my first two tries were not sufficient, and then provided great feedback and support along the way as we worked on the final version. So I’m very indebted to her: it’s great editors like Krista who make writers sound good.

Additionally, my product management colleagues at Capella Education Company are brilliant. I’ve learned a lot more about the discipline since joining their team 14 months ago. Without them, I would not have known enough about product management to write what I did. These valuable colleagues are:

  • Rosann Cahill
  • Kate Freeborn
  • Rob Kruegel
  • Chris Pegg
  • Stan Tead
  • Diana Williams