Completely amazing and utterly boring

That phone in your pocket…becomes just a part of your life. It’s something you use, something you rely on. And then completely forget about. And in its own way, that’s actually kind of mind-blowing.

I really like these two Wired reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. They are completely spot on.

Since the launch of the original iPhone, we have been conditioned to be wowed by Apple and its competitors when it comes to smartphone innovations. Finally phones didn’t suck… and could even be awesome. Exciting news indeed!

Then this expectation was bolstered further by our somewhat surprising love affair with the iPad and other tablets. Suddenly we were also getting excited about products that we didn’t even need. Yet suddenly we did, or at least felt that we did.

But like everything cool and innovative, it eventually becomes more everyday and ho-hum. But as these reviews point out, that’s rather impressive in itself. The fact that these devices have become so ubiquitous and “normal” means that they are impacting us more and more, and as they become cheaper they will become even more common.

Because let’s face it, when is the last time you got excited about a new pencil, piece of paper, car, or garment? Sure, from time to time there’s new ideas in these and other product areas, too. But as products become everyday products, they cease to amaze us as much, even as they are continually enhanced but often in smaller, more incremental ways. And this is okay. So let’s stop expecting Apple and others to impress us as much with mobile devices as they used to. At least with glowing rectangles of various sizes.

Because we can be sure that something else exciting is still around the corner.


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