Digital Product Management

Digital Product ManagementApp stores overflow with apps, and the web seems to have more sites, content, and applications than people could possibly need. Much of what is available is designed and developed well, yet is lacking a key element: usefulness. While focusing on design and development, someone forgot to ask some key questions: Will this product solve problems for our customers or organization? Will it meet their expectations? How will we measure success beyond completing design and development?

This is where the practice of product management can help. You’ll learn to identify and articulate problems that real people have, and apply your creative and technical experience to design web and mobile products that meet those needs with high levels of customer satisfaction. In this book, I walk you through the essential work of product management, including:

  • Understanding customer and stakeholder needs
  • Researching and tracking market data
  • Writing effective user stories
  • Analyzing and prioritizing product enhancements using the Kano Model
  • Using the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to validate ideas
  • Measuring and validating product successes or failures
  • Communicating product insights and performance

Digital Product Management provides approaches and techniques that will help design and development teams minimize risk, reduce waste, deliver more value, and better understand the impact of what they are building for their clients and customers.